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      Zhi Kun (Jiangsu) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. by the National Semiconductor "people plan" Distinguished experts, Jiangsu Province, the "double hit talent", Southeast University Professor Dr. Zhu Xiaodong industry was founded in June 2012 was incorporated in Yizheng, Jiangsu Province Economic Development Zone, the registered capital of $ 7,800,000, a total investment of $ 15 million.

      Company's core team members from the core R & D team renowned enterprises Intel, access semiconductor, Conexant, in core international and domestic. Committed to the ultra high frequency RFID China IOT development Chinese independent intellectual property rights of the reader, the SoC chip reader module and provide high-quality technical services.

      The company has a research and Development Office in Jiangsu, Beijing, Yizheng, Shanghai, Yizheng built in advanced reader R & D center, testing center and technical service center. The company in the manufacture of ultra high frequency communication technology, RF technology, analog, digital SoC chip design as well as the SiGe BiCMOS chip technology has accumulated abundant technology, provide Chinese UHF RFID standard, EPC standard has American excellence can, more intelligent, more easy to solve, SoC chip with lower power consumption, lower cost the hardware and software system solutions for the Internet of things industry.