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Powerful Smart Digital Earth

      To promote the development of the Internet of things is a potential not stall speed in all walks of life, the direction of its development is gradually by the industry, professional to the social development, the foreseeable future, Internet of things will be like the mobile phone, covering all has the network place, will help people manage to eat, wear, live, row. All aspects of life.

      Zhi Kun as reader chip providers, will provide a variety of reader solutions, implementation of network data collection, processing and upload, strengthen and popularization of the network terminals of the intelligent, digital.

      Zhi Kun has established a strong R & D team, the team from the core R & D team renowned enterprises Intel, access semiconductor, Conexant, in core international, domestic and foreign, the total number of 31 people, among them the "thousand person plan" 2 experts, doctoral 8, master 12, is the first master UHF RFID reader chip core technology, and can realize the industrialization of the team.