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China's trust industry Marketing Data Services Ltd
  • China's trust industry Marketing Data Services Ltd
  • Zhongji Guoxin Industrial Marketing Data Services Ltd is Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, Chinese instrumentation, instrumentation technology and Economy Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, software and integrated circuit promotion center and the flag group five party jointly launched the "national instrument information promotion plan" the implementation of the main company, the "plan" to comprehensively promote the China various types of instrumentation, related sensor probe communication transformation, so as to use information technology to stimulate industrialization. Our country will billions instruments provide a unified communications link support and management, to provide basic support for further development of the Internet of things. China's letter is in the Ministry, the Ministry of science and technology institutions and national various universities and related institutions, networking standard system set up the drafting work leading group, set up industry alliance.
Nanjing Sanbao Polytron Technologies Inc
  • Nanjing Sanbao Polytron Technologies Inc
  • Nanjing Sanbao Polytron Technologies Inc (referred to as sample technology HK01708) in 2000 by the Nanjing Municipal People's Government approved the restructuring of the establishment, in 2004 successfully listed in Hongkong, becoming the first Chinese intelligent transportation enterprises listed in Hongkong. With many years of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, video recognition technology and data processing technology reserve, Sanbao science and technology has now grown into the intelligent transportation, modern logistics, health service for the industrial foundation, private science and technology industry based on information service for the industrial direction and innovative company. In the field of information service, Sanbao science and technology formed by radio frequency identification (RFID) and video recognition technology as the core, is committed to providing comprehensive information collection, information transmission, information processing, information service for the industry users of network application solutions, entered the "wisdom of ball, perception Chinese" as the goal of the journey.