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Welcome to Zhi Kun (Jiangsu) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. company's official website (。You enter the subject to the following terms and the use of this website rights restriction, please carefully read.

Limited license

    In the use of terms and conditions, limited rights the company grants you access to and use of non exclusiveness of this web site, not transferable. This authorization does not include:

    (1)Resale or use of this web site and its content for commercial purposes;

    (2) the collection and use of any product list and product description;

    (3)The derivative of this web site and its content of use;

    (4)The use of any data collection method automatically or manually collected information on this website;

    (5)Use of this website and its contents by other laws and regulations, normative legal documents, the purpose of which way the terms of use.

    In addition to the above authorization, you will not be implied, or in accordance with the principle of honesty and credit or any rights in any other way to get the company in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, or other proprietary rights of third party rights.

Any violation of the terms and conditions of use of this website will result in your use of this web site license is terminated, you will also may violate the patent law, trademark law, copyright law or other laws and regulations, and by the corresponding legal sanction.

Copyright statement

    Any content of this website (including but not limited to the design, data, text, graphics, images, voice or video) are copyright of the company or related rights. The company or related rights without the prior written permission, you shall not in any way copy, communication, publishing, reprint, adaptation or display the contents of this website. At the same time, without the prior written permission of the company, for any content on this website, no person shall belong to the company's non mirror on the server.

Trademark statement

    This site uses all the relevant words and patterns of trademark are the company or related human rights in the registered trademark China and / or other countries (including trademarks and service marks) or trademark, without the company or the relevant personnel to right written authorization, any unit or individual shall all or part of the use of the above trademark in any way. In addition, the overall site design, page layout, background and button design belong to the company's service marks, without the written authorization of the company, any unit or individual shall all or part of the use of the trademark in any way.

Intellectual property dispute

    We respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you think the content on this site is a violation of your intellectual property, please contact the company news center, and provide the following contents:

    (1)About the infringed work description;

    (2)Do you think the infringing content on the site location;

    (3)Your name, address, telephone, e-mail;

    (4)About your kindness that the use without authorization or permission rights or their agents or legal statement;

    (5)About the authenticity of the information you provide a statement of.


    Link to the station. The company grants you from other sites to link to this site of non exclusive limited license, but the link of the company shall not be false, misleading descriptions, disparaging or defamatory.

    Links to third party websites. The station to third party websites only as a convenient service to you. The company of such three party web site does not make any statement does not guarantee anything, not its content, quality, property and reliability of any responsibility. Links does not imply that the company sponsored, approved or contains the content of the website. If you access to such three party web sites, you will leave this site and will take all the risk access to such three party web site alone.

The claim of responsibility

    The site information and materials, including text, data, graphics, links or other items, are provided in "such as the" way. The company does not guarantee any content on the site of the accuracy, timeliness, integrity and reliability, and has no obligation to correct, add or update of the content; the company explicitly denied such information and materials for errors or omissions responsibility, and not to make any kind of information and materials (implicitly or explicitly) guarantees, including but not limited to no infringement of third party rights, ownership, satisfactory quality, suitable for a particular purpose and no guarantee of computer virus. Moreover, you shall in no case will any content of this website as the company signed contract on any representation and warranty.

    The company cannot guarantee that you can access, browse and use the web site at any time; the company on this site and its contents can not use and use do not bear any responsibility.

    The company for any dependent access or use the site caused by this website content to make decisions or take does not assume any responsibility, any direct or indirect loss due to access to or use of this site, or any other form of losses including but not limited to any liability business interruption, data loss or profit loss bear.

    The company for entering, browsing and use the site or download any content from this website caused by viruses or other destructive programs on your computer system and any other software, hardware, IT system or property damage or loss does not bear any responsibility. Any direct or indirect damage caused by the company for third people use illegal means to obtain the relevant code, data and content in this site or loss does not bear any responsibility.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

    This website, website content and website statement are applicable laws of people's Republic of China (not including the conflict norms). Any use of this website, website content and website statement dispute, should the company domicile is under the jurisdiction of the people's court jurisdiction.

Modification and termination

    Despite the use of the terms and conditions of the existence, the company reserves the right at any time without notice to change or update the website design, content, data, materials and other information, including "the website terms of use and privacy statement".

    Despite the use of the terms and conditions of the existence, the company reserves the right at any time without notice to terminate your permission to use this website, or stop your use of this website.


    If any part of these terms of use is regarded as illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this part should be considered from the terms of use can be separated without affecting other parts of content validity and enforceability.