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Shanghai Venture Capital Partnership Oak Court 

      Shanghai Oak Park is located in a America Silicon Valley high-tech venture capital fund, the investment direction including microelectronic chip design, optical communication devices, complete infrastructure, wireless communication device, system, communication and related software, etc.. Acorn park management team consisting of Chen Wufu, Lin Fuyuan and Wang Dacheng, Zang Dahua four partners. Acorn park has invested more than 40 high-tech companies, such as the crown, Sino US ODA, accel semiconductor, Fortinet, some of which have been successfully listed, some successful merger and acquisition of listing Corporation.

      Acorn park the expectations of Silicon Valley and Chinese value chain together, in 2003 in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang hi tech Park founded acorn Park Venture Capital Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., and an acorn Asia fund. As the high-tech risk investment experts, has been, acorn ventures with all aspects of the capital, talent, experience and other advantages, has been leading in the investment industry.

MAJUVEN FUND Singapore Venture Capital

      MAJUVEN FUND LTD was established in Singapore in 2011 August, is a capital independent professional Vc firm, mainly engaged in portfolio management and fund management activities, focusing on investment in high growth potential of the company. Relying on deep industry background, relying on science and Technology Advisory Committee of rich experience, a keen market sense of smell, interests and the correct value orientation, the MAJUVEN FUND LTD for each enterprise strategic deployment precision. From the technology to the market, from the talent to the transaction, MAJUVEN FUND LTD considering the investment risk factors, the company has professional technical experts focus on strategic areas of focus, pay close attention to market trends. From the leadership decision to management, to the enterprise practice, formed a perfect system.

       MAJUVEN FUND has been established, in Lim Ho Kee's leadership, the accumulation of specific operational experience in the process of business growth, continued to summarize the enterprise management methods with local characteristics, MAJUVEN FUND LTD will also have the ability to act as a positive active investors, providing direct and practical help for the development of investee companies.