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Privacy protection and restriction

    Information collection.In order to improve our website, to better serve the visitors to the site, visit the website in you, the web server may automatically collect information from you, including IP address, the links page, access time, but does not include your email address.

    Disclosure of information.Can the news will keep your privacy and commitment without authorization will not disclose your personal information to any third party; but in some exceptional circumstances, can dispatch will not guarantee the commitment. These exceptions including but not limited to:

    (1) when you are on the web site in violation of the "computer information network and the Internet security protection and management", "Internet information services management approach", "the Internet electronic bulletin service management regulations" and "National People's Congress Standing Committee decision on safeguarding Internet Security" or other in network management laws and regulations, or may damage or interfere with the other visitors interests or cause others to suffer damage, disclosure of user's personal data is to identify, contact or take the necessary legal measures;

    (2) when the provisions of laws and regulations to disclose the specific personal information;

    (3) when the judicial authorities or other authorized government agencies execute their duties according to law, to dispatch discloses specific personal information.