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Reader chip iBAT1000

      Reader chip iBAT1000 is ultra high frequency RFID is a fully integrated, high performance Jazz 0.18 m SiGe BiCMOS process reader transceiver chip, our country independent UHF RFID IOT national standard "information technology of radio frequency identification of 800/900MHz air interface protocol" (GB/T 29768-2013), ISO/IEC 18000-6C international agreement, ETSI 302 208-1 Europe RF identification code, the chip RF transceiver front-end transceiver, baseband, PLL and power amplifier, can support DSB-ASK, SSB-ASK, PR-ASK three kinds of modulation mode, with strong multi reader, multi label read-write anti-jamming technology, by the national radio frequency identification (RFID) system engineering technology research center of testing, performance the level of similar products in the market.