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Zhu Xiaodong
  • Zhu Xiaodong: Doctor,Founder, Chairman and CEO
  • Dr. Zhu Xiaodong is in "one thousand people plan" national expert, expert, Beijing city Zhongguancun high-end talents, Jiangsu province "double talent", Southeast University professor. With 30 years of semiconductor materials, devices, technology, chip design and manufacturing, project management, marketing and "study, research, producing" experience. A former USA Brown (Brown) assistant professor of physics at University, America Motorola (Motorola) director of the laboratory scientists, USA Honeywell (Honeywell) chief of the Chinese Academy of engineering and MRAM technology director, executive director Conexant systems America OEM business, hosted a number of major development projects, in the Electromagnetics (magnetism) and spin electronics (spintronics) the field is the world class technical leadership expert, has USA 85 invention patents, published more than 60 papers.
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